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For that special band of enthusiasts who feel most alive when they are on the water
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Anglers Journal is not your run-of-the-mill fishing rag. It is a literary magazine dedicated to that band of enthusiasts who feel most alive when they are on the water, fishing rod in hand. The award-winning quarterly features outstanding photography, superb writing, inspired artwork, and thoughtful commentary. We’ll take you to trout tailwaters in Montana, the continental shelf for marlin and tuna, Northeast beaches to cast for stripers, hunting for elusive bones and permit on pristine flats and off the beaten path in Argentina, Alaska, Panama, the Seychelles and beyond. Along the way, we highlight the unique cast of characters found only in the fishing world. Anglers Journal is a coffee-table periodical that constantly reminds its readers why they got hooked so deeply by the fishing life and celebrates their passion.


In 2022, Anglers Journal launched a podcast, taking the magazine’s narrative style of storytelling to the audio format. New episodes drop every other week with topics ranging from shark tagging to conservation to adventure to fly casting. Listen in as we highlight the vast array of topics that make the sport of fishing so unique.